Do you wish to express your thoughts, emotions and experiences in writing, to make them heard effectively? Are you looking to strengthen your ability to harness the power of prose? Or do you simply want to improve your English language skills? Whether you’re a fluent English speaker or still trying to learn the language, creative writing classes are for everyone.

Creative writing improves your language abilities, expanding your vocabulary and providing rigorous training in grammar, but it also does so much more than that. It teaches you how to tell a captivating story, drawing others into your message. You’ll also learn to see the world in a different way: soon you’ll start to notice the little details that make up a bigger picture, the nuances of your own emotional and physical reactions, and the subtle hints in a tone or gesture. As you learn how to observe, you’ll also learn how to convey.

Classes will be conducted in groups of 3-5, and tailored to your abilities and aims. I, the tutor, will also provide lots of individual help as I get to know your strengths and weaknesses better. Through the journey, you will learn how to express yourself in elegant prose, become a confident English language user, develop a new way of taking in the world and processing your thoughts, and be inspired by the ideas and perspectives of your classmates.